G Scale in Scotland

Welcome to the G Scale in Scotland Website. This is the Scottish Area Group of the G Scale Society and at present we cover the whole of Scotland in terms of attracting members to this scale of railway modeling. Members of G Scale in Scotland can either be members of the G Scale Society or not and vice versa, as there are no hard and fast rules governing membership, however we encourage membership of both to get the best from your hobby. (click on images)

Contact us: G Scale Society Scottish Area Group Secretary

What is 'G' Scale?

'G' scale represents railway modelling in the scale of 1/22.5 or thereabouts, which can be operated both indoors (see Dark Moor) and out, although there is a strong tendency for it to be located outdoors. Contrary to popular belief the “G” does not refer to gardens, but is loosely associated with them as it is not known where it originated from.

If you wish to know more about the National G Scale Society, you are welcome to visit their Website at www.g-scale-society.co.uk where you will find information on what benefits are to be had from membership of the Society.

Here in Scotland, we, like many other Area Groups, do not operate from clubrooms or indoor premises, where layouts are constructed on designated nights of the week, the reason being that the vast majority of our own layouts are outdoors, thus the reason for referring to ourselves as a Group, and not a Club.

Our method of communication with each other is to hold pre arranged Open Days in each others gardens, amongst those willing to participate, and from this we encourage others to follow suite when they feel comfortable enough about doing so.

During the winter months we also hold pre arranged indoor meetings usually in a location which is central to the majority of existing members in our Group.

We also publish a quarterly Newsletter to which all members are invited to contribute articles etc. and to date; we have not yet been stuck for a story or two.

Throughout the year we also organise trips to other parts of the country, whether it be to another Area Group, or to national shows in Scotland, England and Wales, and these outings are open to those who wish to attend.

There are of course membership fees for both the G Scale Society and G Scale in Scotland and if you would like to know these and any further information about our Group, you are invited to contact the 'Secretary' as shown below.

Contact us: G Scale Society Scottish Area Group Secretary